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Engineering course in distance education

AIIMES understands all the necessities and needs of today's life.

Each and every member of the planet earth is busy in different ways and aspects. Yet, everybody has all the rights to make his or her future brighter. Everybody wants to become an achiever. Everyone demands to gain and regain success successively. That's why distance education became one of the important needs of today's life. Yes distance education is a necessity not a choice. But there are so many fake institutes, which are seasoned to cheat people by the name of distance education as a matter of fact. We imbibed that properly and AIIMES was founded as the resultant. We believe in work not in word. We don't make big talks, we make bright futures only.

We rely on theories yet we take care about practicals very very very sincerely. We believe in team effort, we believe in friendly environment, we believe in achievements, we believe in success, we believe in changes, we believe in management, we believe in encouragement we believe in totality, we believe in perfection as well.

The aim of AIIMES is to make the perfect persons not only some careerist people at all. In the year 2014 under the Govt. of India NCT of Delhi, ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & ENGINEERING STUDIES (AIIMES). AIIMES was established by “MHERD” (Registration No. ROS/NORTH/353/2014).

AIIMES has been providing these services from the very beginning -

1. Mba course in distance education

2. B.tech in distance education

3. Engineering course in distance education

4. Mechanical course in distance education

5. Civil engineering course in delhi india

6. Distance management program in Delhi India

7. Bachelor degree in business administration

8. Mca course in distance education

9. Best bca course in distance education Delhi

10. Distance computer education in Delhi

11. Hotel management from distance education

12. Hotel management MHM from distance education

13. Architecture program DAE from distance education

14. Distance architecture engineering program in bachelor

15. Distance computer application DCA in Delhi

16. BE from distance education

17. ITI & polytechnic program from distance education

18. Business administration in distance education

19. Best engineering program in Delhi

20. Distance electrical engineering degree in Delhi.

AIIMES tries to inspire the students to evolve all of their good qualities always. The students of this particular institution of distance education learns howvto face the real life challenges from this particular Institution of distance education actually. This education makes all of them the jewels. This particular Institute of distance education believes in positive action and the positive reaction. Our motherland India and Delhi the capital city of India comprise the golden history regarding teaching, learning and learning process. AIIMES is very much careful about it,at the same time this Institute is taking care about the modern life criterias,needs and necessities. This particular institution provides inspiration carriage confidence and everything to the students to make all of the students the jewels the real jewels of the country. That is why this is addition is gaining more and more success day by day.

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